The Aftermath:

More than 400,000 people were relocated to the countryside for hard labor

Literature suffered as a result of the Cultural Revolution and 2,600 people were persecuted for possessing censored material.  Books and many pieces of artwork and historical artifacts were burned or destroyed. 

The Chinese Cultural Revolution is one of the main reasons why China is not a democracy.   Because of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, China is afraid of the disorder democracy could bring to it, because it challenges party authority.

During the revolution, China also ended its birth control plan, which is a big reason for China’s problem with overpopulation.  Since there was an increase in population, but not an increase in jobs, China’s economy suffered. 

The people who suffered the most from the revolution were the Chinese youth.  They were denied an education, and suffered mental and physical damage.  Instead of going to school, they were sent off to do hard labor on the countryside.

Before the Chinese Cultural Revolution, China was doing much better as a country.  By taking away peoples’ rights, China’s culture greatly suffered from the revolution, instead of being improved.